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Introducing MiX Splitter Version 1.0


MiX Splitter is a very simple application, oriented at the Deejay who whish to split his recorded WAV mix into several WAV tracks. Recording a set of mixed songs always result in a single big WAV file, burning this file to CD, means you cannot forward to the next song, or reverse to the previous effectively. With Mix Splitter, you can divide your mix in precise location, by setting split markers, and then split it into several track files in one push of a button.

The benefits of splitting your tracks are multiple, but more importantly, if you are looking to work as Deejay, you really do not want to promote yourself by sending a demo of your mixed set as a one big file burned on CD. Taking the time of dividing your set, before sending your demo, gives the listener the choice of forwarding to the next song easily so he can really hear the selection and style you have to offer, it may surely be more appreciated and shows your commitment as a Deejay.









MiX Splitter features an automatic zero crossing point shifting function, when it is time to split your mix, the software will actually shift all your split markers to the nearest zero crossing point automatically so there is no audible click when your songs are played track by track. You do not have to worry about the position of your split markers being shifted because zero crossing points are everywhere, it is unlikely you will notice any changes..




MiX Splitter works well with Ahead Nero CD burning software, because Nero has a "No pause between tracks" features that enable you to record several tracks that can be played has a long mix with no interruption, even though when you whish to, you can forward to the next track or reverse to the previous.




PC with Any version of Windows except version 3.1 (Mac not supported)

Basic configuration:300Mhz & 64 RAM

Recommended configuration: 800Mhz & 64 RAM

0.1MB of Space, Size of Mix Splitter: 30KB

Mix Splitter works with the WAV format only




Mix Splitter is donationware, you can try the demo first, and if you like it, just donate whatever you feel like and get the full version.



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